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Jean-Charles Gandrille Association

Jean Charles Gandrille

The Jean-Charles Gandrille Association was born in November 2023.

Xavier Decroix is its president.
Its aim is to make known the works of Jean-Charles Gandrille through records and concerts.
You can join the Association through this link:
You can also make a donation which will be deducted from your taxes at 66% via this link:

The tax reduction is 66% of the amount of donations. The reduction applies up to 20% of taxable income.

If for example you donate €100, you will be able to deduct €66 from your taxes. It’s very interesting. (But French people only)

HelloAsso will automatically issue you a tax receipt.

There are three projects for 2024:

The most important thing is to raise around €15,000 for the production of the world premiere disc of the “Book for cello”, dedicated to Gautier Capuçon, and of which the laureate of his foundation, the cellist Felix Rosenboom will provide the interpretation on the disc. Recording will take place in early September 2024

The second project is to finance the recording of “Deux rhapsodies” for eight trombones and organ at the beginning of June in Clermont-Ferrand. It takes around 2500€

Finally, help as far as possible to finance the expansion of the organ of the Saint-lubin church in Rambouillet of which Jean-Charles Gandrille is the holder, currently under construction, by making the positif keyboard expressive. The cost is estimated at several thousand euros.